As a youngster, the Dutch Roy Stolzenbach secretly listened to his fathers’ Thunderdome (Dutch Hardcore) CDs. He encountered all the harder styles of dance music soon after. Over the years the love for dance music had developed and so did Roy’s taste in music. At the age of 17, he started producing jump- & Tekstyle and he released his first vinyl, as Royal S, one year later.

While making his way to the top of the jumpstyle/hardcore scene, he performed at a lot of Dutch festivals from 2007 on. To mention a few: DefQon, Decibel Outdoor, Bassleader, Reverze Festival, Nature One, Last World, and Summer Festival. Due to his experience gained by performing at many festivals, he knows how to read crowds and mastered building to climaxes with his music.

In 2012 he was introduced to ‘Trap’ music due to the use of Jumpstyle and Hardcore in Trap based Hip Hop tracks. He was enthused by the mix of Jump/Hardcore beats with a new type of sound, which fits perfectly due to the same amounts of beat per minute. The combination of ‘bleep sounds’ with ‘heavy sub layers’ got him interested in a whole new musical angle, which rushed through his musical veins. Inspired by music from Baauer, Flosstradamus and Boaz v/d Beats amongst others, he decided tomake his own music in attempt to create beats a bit closer to his own style. Stolzenbach was born…

The style he created as Stolzenbach he humorously named D-Trap, referring to ‘Dutch Trap’. His Trap uses themes and samples familiar to Hardcore/Hardstyle and Dutch House, which makes it a Dutch version of Trap.

The moment Stolzenbach started sharing his sound among colleagues he got a lot of requests for various projects. His first tracks granted him a publishing contract at Electric Zoo of Talpa Music and AT Publishing. He is distributing his first tracks for free, among enthusiasts and Trap lovers. Stolzenbach is believed by many to make a difference in the global dance scene.